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MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB Clusters

We provide automation and management software for MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB clusters. Our software is used to deploy clusters in any environment and manage all operational aspects to achieve Severalnines availability


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  We're looking for a great and customer focused support engineer (preferably in North American/European timezones) to join our small and agile support team. This position is full-time and pay...
10 hours 31 min ago

Galera Cluster for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Cluster (the three “flavours” of Galera Cluster) make use of the Galera WSREP libraries to handle synchronous replication.MySQL Cluster...
1 day 6 hours ago

Multi-source replication means that one server can have multiple masters from which it replicates. Why multi-source? One good reason is to consolidate databases (e.g. merge your shards) for...
1 week 12 hours ago

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