Deploy anywhere Control from one place
How it works Single point of control

The Severalnines DataCloud Service provides a single point from which to configure and deploy your database clusters, and control them using one application.

Current supported clustered databases:
  • MySQL Cluster
  • Galera Cluster for MySQL
  • Cluster based on MySQL Replication
ClusterControl is the database automation engine that gives system administrators and developers complete control over their clusters. Each deployed cluster has a dedicated ClusterControl node, which exposes its functionality via a REST API. A cluster can be registered with DataCloud with the single click of a button.
Hybrid environments On-premise or in the cloud

Via the dashboard, you get a quick overview of all your clusters, whether they are deployed on-premise or on public cloud servers.
You can drill down into each cluster to view a range of metrics on how the database is performing.
It is possible to further drill down into a particular database node, to view database (query performance, connections, db statistics) and server performance (CPU, memory, network and storage) on the node.
Health Reports Real insight into database health

ClusterControl uses a number of best practice Advisors to create a Health Report for each cluster, which users can view in DataCloud. These Advisors automatically examine your node configurations and performance levels, and identify any deviations from best practice rules.
Scaling your database

Adding a node to your cluster is as simple as clicking a button and choosing which host to install the database software on. Just watch as the new node joins the cluster and automatically synchronizes its data. The operation is fully automated by ClusterControl.

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