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Control your database cluster

Setting up and maintaining a database cluster can be tricky. ClusterControl gives you the power to deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire clusters efficiently and reliably. ClusterControl supports a variety of SQL and NoSQL cluster topologies, as well as SQL load balancing via HAProxy.

MySQL-based clusters:


MongoDB clusters:

Features Community Pro Enterprise
On-Premises/Bare Metal
Deployment of Load Balancers
(HAProxy and Virtual IP)
Host Monitoring 
Database Monitoring
Cluster-wide Query Monitor
Performance Advisors
Node Management
Clusterware - Cluster Repair and Recovery
Configuration Management
Cluster Upgrades
Alarms and Email Notifications
Backup Scheduling
Database User Management
Role-Based Access Control
Authentication using LDAP or Active Directory
Audit Trail Logging
Add/Remove Nodes
Resize Nodes
Cloning of Clusters
ClusterControl Support
Number of Incidents/Year - 12 Unlimited
Support Access - Web/email Web/email/phone
Support Hours - business hours 24 x 7 x 365 (only for incidents causing production outage)
Response Time - 1 business day 4 hours
Custom Builds - no For crashing bugs
New Version Upgrades - yes yes
Technical Account Management - - yes
Commercial Model
Pricing Free Contact Sales Contact Sales

Control your database cluster

Understanding how customers deploy database clusters is what drives our deployment automation features.


SQL and NoSQL clusters

MySQL-based clusters:


MongoDB clusters:



On-premises deployment

Automatically configure and deploy entire clusters from zero to fully operational in minutes on your existing on-premises servers.



Amazon EC2 Deployment

Automate the full deployment of your cluster on Amazon EC2 from a simple wizard. Deploying a cross-region multi-master Galera Cluster on Amazon has never been easier.



Hybrid Deployments



Cloning of Galera Clusters

Create a separate copy of your Galera cluster, including all the data. Move DB nodes between the clusters to reallocate resources.



Adding HAProxy as Database Load Balancer

Deploy HAProxy instances to load balance database requests over your database nodes. Set up IP failover with Keepalived and Virtual IP.


Stop Managing. Start Automating.

Automate backups, health checks, failover and recovery using ClusterControl. Respond to failure of database instances in an automated, testable and pre-planned manner.

ClusterControl automates tasks at any stage of the database cluster lifecycle, including:

  • Online backup scheduling
  • Configuration management
  • Online software upgrade
  • DB node failover and recovery
  • Workload simulation

Hot backup of clusters

Hot backups are important for high availability, they can run without blocking the application.

You can now schedule backups with ease, view the backups that you have taken, and restore the backups.



Configuration Management

ClusterControl applies your configuration changes across the entire cluster, and will orchestrate a rolling restart if required. Every configuration change is version controlled.



Eliminate configuration drift by discovering and importing local configuration changes.



Online Software Upgrades and Live Patching

Upload the binaries for the new version of the database software that you want to upgrade to.



Quickly deploy critical updates, like security patches, across whole clusters in minutes. Or proactively upgrade to minor or major versions of the database software. Rolling upgrade procedures are designed to enable maximum ease with zero downtime.



Workload Simulation

Benchmark SQL queries and analyze performance.


Discover the actual cause of performance problems, rather than just symptoms

Diagnosing a slowly performing system is a time consuming task and often the activity where the DBAs spend most of their time. ClusterControl provides a unified, deep and comprehensive view of the entire database cluster. It monitors all components of the database cluster through a single pane of glass, and provides deep out of the box functionality to reduce problem resolution time.


Get real-time cluster-wide transaction information

Cluster-wide analysis of load and queries.



Customize the database counters to be graphed.



Identify the top slow and long-running queries across the cluster.



Health Reports

ClusterControl uses a number of best practice Advisors to create a Health Report for your cluster. These Advisors automatically examine your node configurations and performance levels, and identify any deviations from best practice rules.



Once monitoring is in place and events are detected and raised on monitored targets, email notifications for these events can be sent to the appropriate administrators.

The database tier is oftentimes the primary bottleneck you will encounter as your application scales

Adding a node to your cluster is a simple as clicking a button and choosing which host to install the database software on. Just watch as the new node joins the cluster and automatically synchronizes its data.


Database Clusters made easy

Clusters are becoming the norm for today's mission-critical databases, but this is typically where the real complexity comes into play. As is the case in most technology decisions, there are numerous options to implement database scaling and availability - from leveraging replication features within the database, or with the help of external components like the OS, storage or 3rd party middleware. The complexity associated with database clusters is one of the reasons for many companies to settle for sub-optimal solutions. At Severalnines, it is our objective to make complex clustering tasks easy and even enjoyable for you, and above all, to make sure you can realise the performance, high –availability and cost efficiencies that scale-out clustering promises.


Control and Automation

Companies have plenty of monitoring, what they don’t have is control and automation. Our software eliminates redundant tasks and makes our customers ruthlessly efficient.


Your Problems, Your Solutions

We will not tell you that one specific clustering technology is the solution to all problems. We believe you should be able to choose the clustering technology that best fits your needs.


Experts in Database Clustering

Want to set up a database cluster in minutes? Thousands of organizations have used our online configurators to deploy production class clusters. We provide you with a full set of tools to deploy and operate your database clusters. Our engineers have spent the last decade building military-grade database clusters for telco companies, and our deployment and operational procedures have been battle-hardened, incorporating best practices from throughout the industry.

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