Severalnines & Codership present ClusterControl™ for MySQL Galera

Galera Replication Topology

ClusterControl™ for MySQL Galera enables customers to Deploy, Manage, Monitor and Scale a clustered MySQL database platform based on Galera Replication.

MySQL Galera is a synchronous multi-master cluster for MySQL/InnoDB or, in similar words, a synchronous multi-master replication plug-in for InnoDB. It addresses a number of issues including write conflicts when writing on multiple masters, replication lag and slaves being out of sync with the master. Users do not have to know which server they can write to (the master) and which servers they can read from (the slaves). With MySQL Galera users can simply write and read from any MySQL Server.

ClusterControl for Galera Features

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Features & benefits of MySQL Galera

Galera features:

  • Active-active multimaster cluster
  • Synchronous replication for InnoDB
  • Read and write to any MySQL Server
  • Automatic failover and node joining
  • True parallel replication
  • Direct client connections

Galera Benefits:

  • No slave lag or lost of data or out-of-sync situations.
    • All nodes are consistent.
  • Scales writes and reads
  • Works syncronously over LAN/WAN/CLOUD
  • No changes to applications

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