Severalnines ClusterControl© - Core Scripts

Configurator for MySQL Cluster - version 3.1


If you only want to run localhost, please use the Sandboxes!

If you haven't used the tool before, the check the readme for requirements etc!

Need monitoring? Check out CMON! Simple to setup and pre-built binaries for Linux 64-bit.

General Cluster Settings

Check out the movie how install MySQL Cluster.

Cluster version: We recommend MySQL Cluster 7.0 for general purpose.
MySQL Cluster 7.0 has lot of new cool features (e.g multithreading, online add node).
See here for more information about the features. There are prebuilt binaries for both versions, but the source releases are made more frequently.
  • MySQL Cluster 6.3 - discontinued (no MySQL Support, use 7.1 instead) - will be removed
  • MySQL Cluster 7.0 is GA
  • MySQL Cluster 7.1.10 is GA. USE THIS!
  • MySQL Cluster 7.1.9-SPJ (PREVIEW) is not for production usage.
  • Platform Platform must be homogenous across all computers in the cluster.
    Are you running on EC2? The scripts will be generated in a way that is suitable for EC2. You will be able to specify your keypair which should be installed on your instances so you can ssh between the instances without password.
    Important: If you plan to run in EC2, but you setup shared ssh keys (authorized_keys), then don't select this option.
    Do you use RPMs to install MySQL Cluster? A script will be generated that downloads the MySQL Cluster RPMs.
    Number of management servers Two management servers are recommended in a HA setup.
    Number of Data Nodes:
    1. You should have atleast two computers (for two data nodes).
    2. A good HA setup consists of four computers: 2 computers for data nodes and two computers for mysqlds and management servers.
    Number of APIs (sql nodes, slapds): You should have atleast two mysql servers for a HA setup.
    Replication role:
    1. None - the cluster will not be used in replication
    2. Master - the cluster will act as the replication master (one or more mysqlds will produce binary logs)
    3. Slave - the cluster will act as a standby cluster
    PortNumber This is the port the management server listens on. 1186 is the default port.
    Config directory
    1. This is where the config.ini and my.cnf files will be stored.
    2. The 'user' specified below must have write access to this directory.
    3. The 'user' must exist on all machines.
    1. (recommended) user='root':management servers and data nodes will be running as root, mysql servers as 'mysql'
    2. user='user': management servers, data nodes and mysql servers will be running as 'user'
    Using CMON? If you use CMON, you will get one connection slot reserved for it on the same host as management server and (two slots maximum).

    Consulting Services

    With more than 7 years Consulting experience of MySQL Cluster and taking it in production at a wide range of customers in web 2.0, telco, e-commerce, finance, and online gaming,Severalnines are now offering the following Services on MySQL Cluster:

  • Consulting - we can help you from Architecture and Design to Deployment, from small to huge installations. We also perform audits of your existing cluster configurations and setups.
  • Consulting - Cluster/J and NDBAPI programming
  • Training/workshops - From Adminstration all the way to NDBAPI development - we have trained DBAs, Developers, and Support professionals on all aspects of MySQL Cluster, and with deep dives into internals, geo replication, and also in mgmapi/NDBAPI/ClusterJ programming
  • E-mail us for more information or give us a call at +46 73 073 60 99.

    We operate world-wide and speak english, swedish and german