Configurator for Galera Replication - version 2.8


Galera Cluster For MySQL

  • Read and write to any MySQL Server
  • Synchronous Replication for InnoDB => no slave lag
  • Automatic Failover, with no loss of transactions
  • Powerful backup tool
  • Add/drop nodes online (elastic)

General Information

  • Follow the documentation on the last page of this Configurator (and print that page as it contains important information for reference)
  • Configuration parameters are tuned for most use cases, but further tuning may be needed (also we are continously improving the defaults used in this Configurator).
  • Contact if you have any problems, or in any case we would love to hear from you.
  • You will need at least four hosts: 1 for ClusterControl and 3 for the galera servers.
  • Server Requirements: Read our recommendations before you start!
Vendor Select the vendor you want to use:
Codership (based on MySQL 5.5, galera 24.2.x) - requires internet access from Controller
Percona XtraDb Cluster (latest yum/apt repos or internet-less install optional)
MariaDB Cluster (latest yum/apt repositories are used)
  • Attention: Packages may be removed during the automatic installation process. Use clean/dedicated servers.