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Cloud 'to be key to future data centres'

Cloud 'to be key to future data centres'

Cloud computing technology is expected to become integral to meeting future data centre requirements due to the evolving demands of businesses, a new report has stated.

Computacenter's study predicted that the technology will infiltrate every organisation, whether administrators wish it to or not. It highlighted figures from International Data Corporation that suggest 98.9 per cent of companies use at least one cloud-based service - whether this be storage, software-as-a-service or infrastructure tools. Therefore it is essential chief information officers (CIOs) are aware of the impact it will have on their business.

It stated data centre operations are set to be transformed by the shift to off-premises cloud database solutions, with key benefits set to include reduced costs, better flexibility and greater agility for databases.

One key reason for this is that cloud offers much better efficiency than traditional services. It was claimed by Computacenter than many on-premises corporate data centres are only utilising ten per cent of their potential.

Cloud-based solutions, on the other hand, typically run at 50 per cent utilisation or higher, making it a highly attractive option for businesses seeking to improve their database operations.

However, the report added that despite the hype, current adoption strategies are "disjointed, disparate and often executed without the knowledge of the CIO". As this so-called 'stealth cloud' is on the rise, it is important IT bosses are able to bring cloud tools back under their control. Ensuring that all information is kept securely in corporate-controlled databases will be vital, as the study noted eight out of ten employees will turn to consumer-grade services in order to fill the gaps in their corporate IT deployments.

Automation, standardisation and virtualisation were all identified as services that can help unlock the benefits of the cloud without compromising a company's data management and security procedures. But Computacenter observed that successful data centre deployments require more than just getting the foundations right.

"IT departments also need to get smarter at deciding what should be migrated to the cloud and tougher at governing what stays on-premise. Otherwise cloud adoption will quickly spiral out of control," the report stated.

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