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Firms worried about cloud recovery challenges

Firms worried about cloud recovery challenges

A large number of firms could benefit from solutions such as database clusters to manage information stored in the cloud, as there is said to be widespread concerns about the challenges involved with backup and recovery procedures for these solutions.

This is among the findings of Symantec's Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Cloud 2013 survey, which revealed this is likely to be a concern for a large number of organisations, as interest in cloud-based solutions is set to rise rapidly in this year.

Nine out of ten enterprises polled by the security specialist said they are at least discussing cloud deployments this year, up from 75 per cent at this time last year.

Symantec added that analysts are predicting that business continuity is viewed as an important issue for these firms, as the increase in cloud outages is seen as a greater threat to businesses than security breaches. "However, with advance preparation, organisations can build safe, agile and efficient clouds that will enable them to meet their business goals," the company said.

Taking steps to address backups and database disaster recovery will be vital when using cloud solutions, Symantec added, as many firms are dealing with complicated processes for this at present.

It noted the cloud is creating new challenges for database administrators, as most companies currently use at least three solutions to back up their physical, virtual and cloud data. This leads to increased inefficiencies within the IT department, a greater level of risk and higher costs.

Many companies also currently view cloud recovery as a slow, tedious process, with only 32 per cent of respondents approving of the speed of their current solutions, A further 22 per cent estimate it would take them three or more days to recover from an outage, so it's clear that any solutions to improve this and minimise downtime will be highly valuable to businesses, as problems that last this long could have a huge impact on a company's bottom line.

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