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NoSQL platforms 'to be widely implemented' in 2013

NoSQL platforms 'to be widely implemented' in 2013

A growing number of businesses are set to incorporate NoSQL solutions into their data centre operations in the coming 12 months as the tools become easier to use and more useful to enterprise systems, one commentator has suggested.

The rise of NoSQL among corporate data solutions was among the key predictions for the sector offered recently by John Myers, writing for Information Management. He said 2013 is likely to see a widespread transition within the technology industry that will see NoSQL much more widely deployed.

It was noted that although there are already many examples of where NoSQL platforms exist within corporate data centres, the coming months will see management facilities and standardisation of operations within these platforms mature significantly. As a result, the technology will reach a point where many more data centre professionals are happy to embrace these tools.

This greater standardisation, as well as a streamlining of existing access methodologies will also bring NoSQL to the attention of a much wider userbase, Mr Myers predicted. 

"While I am not saying that NoSQL will magically become 'NoSQL with SQL' (multi-structured datasets will make that difficult), 2013 will see NoSQL become more popular because you will not need to be a hardcore programmer to access the datasets," the analyst continued.

He also suggested 2013 will see the beginnings of a major move away from rigidly structured data solutions. Although some commentators have forecast that this year will mark the death of structured data stores, is was noted by Mr Myers that these predictions are wide of the mark. He did, however, observe that the basis of NoSQL storage will begin to find its way into structured data platforms, leading to a convergence of structured and unstructured solutions.
Analytical data management solutions are likely to be augmented with the added processing power and storage flexibility offered by NoSQL. One result of this is that organisations are likely to need to redefine their data governance.

Mr Myers concluded: "2013 will be the year that data stewards accept multi-structured data and data management platforms, or set their organisations on the path to 'follower' status in the market."

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