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'Manage complexity' to ensure database resiliency

'Manage complexity' to ensure database resiliency

The question of resiliency within databases has suddenly become a hot topic in the IT industry in recent weeks, as awareness grows about just how damaging outages can be to a brand - both in terms of bottom-line costs and reputation - so this is something many firms need to be looking at.

It was noted by Mark Thiele, executive vice-president of data center tech at Switch, in an article for GigaOM that this is particularly true for organisations running cloud-based applications and databases and those where users are connecting from around the world at all hours of the day.

He noted one of the key challenges related to this is managing the added complexity that is inherent in these solutions. It was observed that this is a problem that grows along with a business and affects all areas of the IT departments. As applications get larger and more complicated, this impacts other key parts of the system, at the infrastructure and hardware levels.

It is therefore inevitable that businesses will end up dealing with a high level of complexity within their data centres as they grow, so Mr Thiele said the key to coping with this is to have good management practices in place to bring this under control and ensure operations are as resilient as possible. As it will be impossible to eliminate this challenge altogether, it will be a huge improvement to have control in place as opposed to ignoring the issue.

Mr Thiele observed that resiliency is no longer just a buzzword that forward-thinking firms should be idly considering, but has become a vital part of every business strategy that IT professionals cannot afford to overlook.

"Any large system has a risk that a single problem can cause a cascading effect on its functionality or availability, as has been the case with Amazon and Google among others," he said.

Having the best solutions in place to improve the resiliency of your databases is essential as a recent study by International Technology Group, reported by IT Jungle, found the costs of downtime could vary hugely depending on what platforms firms are using to manage their disaster recovery contingencies.

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