Configurator for MySQL Replication - version 1.1


Need 99.999% availability, fast failover, and scale reads and writes? Check out the Configurator for MySQL Cluster.

MySQL Scale-out

  • Follow the documentation on the last page of this Configurator (and print that page as it contains important information for reference)
  • Installation: tar xvfz s9s-mysql-56.tar.gz; cd s9s-mysql-56/mysql/scripts/install; ./
  • Configuration parameters are tuned for most use cases, but further tuning may be needed (also we are continously improving the defaults used in this Configurator).
  • Contact if you have any problems or if something is missing, or in any case we would love to hear from you.

In the next pages you will be able to select a few properties of your installation.
Please note that RPM installations at this point is less tested than tarball (tgz) installs. Please let us know of any issues on

Known issue: Any other mysql port than 3306 does not work currently.

Multi-master + N read slaves Configures 1 MySQL master/master pairs with N slaves. Semi-sync is optional, but enabled by default.

Select Vendor and Version

MySQL 5.6.x MySQL 5.6 is the latest version of MySQL.

You will need at least three hosts: 1 for ClusterControl and 2 for the mysql servers.
Server Requirements: Read our recommendations before you start!

  • Attention: Packages may be removed during the automatic installation process. Use clean/dedicated servers.