With the rise of cloud computing and big data, Severalnines enables easy deployment and management of database clusters in private or public clouds. Severalnines ClusterControl™ allows users to run their database cluster in the cloud, scale it out on demand and maintain high availability. ClusterControl™ has support for Cloud providers like Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud and GoGrid.


PERFORMANCE BENCHMARK: Amazon EC2 vs Rackspace Cloud Servers

  Amazon EC2 Instance Rackspace Cloud Server
Hardware Instance m1.large 8,192MB Cloud Server
RAM per instance 7.5 GB 8 GB
CPU* 2 virtual cores (4 EC2 Compute Units) 4 virtual cores
Storage 850 GB 320 GB
Additional Product EBS (Elastic Block Storage) n/a
TPS achieved with 16 node
MySQL Cluster (inserts/selects)**
(available soon) (available soon)


* CPU Specifications:

      Click here for detailed performance comparison between Rackspace Cloud Servers and Amazon EC2 Servers.

** Record size 512 bytes. The same setup was tested on Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud.